Monthly Updates

 Seminar In Karachi
Mustaqbil Pakistan held a party seminar in Karachi on 8th January, 2017. The seminar was organized by MP's founding member, Captain Akmal Shah. Those who attended included civil society workers and former officers from the merchant marine and navy.
Captain Akmal Shah started the proceedings with a brief statement after which the Chairman, Eng Nadeem Mumtaz Qureshi spoke, with a brief introduction about his own background, education and professional career.
The Chairman then spoke in some detail about the impetus for forming MP and the progress that the party has made since it's formation.
The seminar was recorded and the video can be viewedhere.
 MP's Multan Corner Meetings
Mustaqbil Pakistan recently held corner meetings in Multan in which the Chairman addressed the gathered supporters.
The first corner meeting was held at UC 21, Hafiz Jamal Road and some pictures from the meeting can be seenhere.
Another corner meeting was held at NA 148, Chamwaria Wala Tatapur, Multan. This is an area on the outskirts of Multan. The Chairman addressed the villagers of the area and some pictures can be seen here
  Membership Drive In Punjab
MP held a membership drive in Punjab recently.
In district Dera Ghazi Khan, MP's team initiated the drive and some pictures of new members from the area can be seen here.
In Multan, MP's District General Secretary, Mr Manzoor held the membership drive at Andhroon Dhale Gate. Some pictures from the drive can be seen here.


 March 2017
 Activity in Jhang
Mustaqbil Pakistan's President of Southern Punjab, Syed Rashid Hussain Bukhari visited Athara Hazari, District Jhang and met with the local media at MP's office.
They discussed various issues and some pictures from the meeting can be seen here.
Mr Bukhari's tour of Jhang took him next to Garhmor district where he met with local supporters and discussed party matters and pending issues.
Pictures from the visit to Garhmor district can be seenhere. 
Mr Bukhari's visit to Jhang was reported in the local newspaper, as seen here
 Chairman's interview & Kandhkot Visit
Mustaqbil Pakistan's Chairman, Eng Nadeem Mumtaz Qureshi  was interviewed on the Seraiki language channel, Waseb TV, the most widely watched channel in Southern Punjab.
The interview is over half an hour long and can be watched in its entirety here.
Whilst the Chairman was busy in Southern Punjab, other senior members of the party visited Kandhkot district, Kashmore in Sindh.
Secretary General, Moeen Qureshi was accompanied by Syed Rashid Bukhari and they visited the party office in Kandhkot before visiting the tribal area of the party workers where they met the head of the tribe.
Such pictures from the visit can be seen here
  Coummunal Wedding Arranged By MP
Mustaqbil Pakistan continues to support the poor and underprivileged as it remains the basis of the party's purpose and existence.
Our latest initiative is to arrange a communal wedding which will see the marriage of 20 couples.
Despite MP's limited resources, each couple will receive a proper 'jahez', as a gift from the party.
A poster announcing the initiative can be seen here.


We are in Multan this week with the Chairman, Eng Nadeem Mumtaz Qureshi, who had a busy tour of the city. We start off with a visit to Androon Shaar Dahle Gate, Multan city. During the visit, the Chairman met with different people and discussed local issues.

Mustaqbil Pakistan's Chairman, Eng Nadeem Mumtaz Qureshi has busy over the past month with several visits all across the country.
In Multan, the Chairman visited Mustaqbil Pakistan's free medical clinic and met with doctors and patients at the clinic, with some pictures available here
The Chairman's next stop was in Garhmore where he conducted a meeting at the party office which included the office bearers from Multan and Athara Hazari. Several issues were discussed in regards to the 2018 elections and some pictures can be seen here
On to KPK where the Chairman visited the AVT Channel's studio in Peshawar. The Chairman was escorted around the premises where he also met with the newspapers journalists, as seen here
 Jhang Visit  
Mustaqbil Pakistan's President of Southern Punjab, Syed Rashid Hussain Bukhari visited district Jhang and met with various social, political and media people. He visited their offices and discussed political matters and some pictures can be seen here
One particular meeting was of special significance as it involved Mr. Haji Ashtif, who is a well renowned social worker in the region. A few pictures from their meeting can be seen here
Mr Bukhari also visited the party office and distributed designation notifications to MP workers, as seen here
  Press & Media Coverage
Mustaqbil Pakistan has seen press coverage in various outlets, starting with the BBC's Urdu page, which can be read here.
In district D.G Khan, the local papers also ran with coverage of the party, seen here
The Daily Khabrain's online section carried a report on the party which can be read here
Mustaqbil Pakistan's own media department compiled a video report of the Chairman's visit to Bahawalpur and can be watched here


Taking advantage of the Chairman's presence, Mustaqbil Pakistan's Dist Multan team arranged a workers meeting at the central office in Multan. The Chairman addressed the workers and advised them to start hard political work for the betterment of Pakistan. It was a fruitful and well attended meeting, as seen from the pictures in the link below:.

Going back to last month now, when Mustaqbil Pakistan Dist Multan and Nawya-e-Saynaat news paper arranged an Eid Show on 20th July 2016 at Raza Hall Multan. The Chairman was the chief guest of the program. During his speech, the Chairman stressed that the youth should pay full attention on education for a brighter future. Pictures from the event can be seen in the link given below.