Yearly Updates

Dated 26 Dec 2014

Today we continue our reflection of the Peshawar tragedy.

MP's Chairman. Nadeem Mumtaz Qureshi, wrote an article on the attack, titled 'Map To Hell', which was published in Turkey's leading English newspaper, Hurriyet Daily News, Pakistan's English language The Nation, and the Russian newspaper, Pravda. All three links are below:

http://www.hurriyetdailynews. com/pakistan-needs-an- integrated-and-multi-faceted- anti-terror-policy.aspx? pageID=449&nID=75937& NewsCatID=396 22-Dec-2014/map-to-hell hotspots/crimes/22-12-2014/ 129361-pakistan_peshawar_ school_attack-0/

Mustaqbil Pakistan Senior Vice President Prof Roshan Khattak went to the Army Public School and on behalf of the Chairman offered flowers and lightened candles: Mustaqbil.Pakistan/photos/a. 111557288926411.19763. 107930802622393/ 781595765255890/?type=1& relevant_count=1 Mustaqbil.Pakistan/photos/pcb. 780964108652389/ 780963771985756/?type=1 Mustaqbil.Pakistan/photos/pcb. 780964108652389/ 780963838652416/?type=1

Aamir Shahzad Hashmi - senior leader of Mustaqbil Pakistan in KPK and founding member of the party led a protest in front of the Army Public School in Peshawar: media/set/?set=a. 781139125301554.1073743166. 107930802622393&type=1

As this is the last newsletter before the start of the new year, we at Mustaqbil Pakistan would like to wish everyone a very happy, peaceful, and prosperous new year.

Dated 19 Dec 2014

Today we reflect on what was a horrid and unforgettable tragedy in Peshawar.. 134 of the 141 deceased were children, an unforgivable act that will not be forgotten.

MP's Chairman, Eng Nadeem Mumtaz Qureshi strongly condemned the attack in a press release: Mustaqbil.Pakistan/photos/a. 111557288926411.19763. 107930802622393/ 779664375449029/?type=1& relevant_count=1

MP's District President Mandi Bahauddin, Advocate Sher Gondal wrote a letter to the editor of The Nation, which is produced in full below:

Who is responsible for Peshawar carnage? People from all walks of life ask each other. In reply wise people say it is the government, rulers and security agencies. Elaborating further with arguments they say Pakistan is a safe place for terrorists from all over the world. They are well trained and having backing from locals. They select a target and attack at a time and place of their choice. Government and its agencies have completely failed to counter terrorism. Some argue that all security agencies are employed on security duty with rulers, their cronies, government officials and other installations, Dharnas, religious processions. There is no one left for protection of common citizens, children schools. They are the easy victims of terrorist to create panic and harassment among the people. Rulers on the other hand are engaged in battle either for gaining power or strengthening their hold on power and they have no time to focus on issues of public importance like power and Sui gas load shedding, inflation, inflated utility bills, increased transport fares, problem of shortage of transport, deteriorating communication infrastructure. They give priority to collecting wealth through fair and unfair means. Local administration and police are not less than terrorists for the poor public. They involve the poor in false cases and extort money with torture. They have now started to change cases of civil nature to criminal ones by falsely applying section 406, 471, 420 and 468 of Pakistan Penal Code. They also commit robberies at night and snatch money and mobiles from passengers. Some other say that after every tragic incident rulers hold meetings, form committees to evolve plan to control terrorism but as the time passes these exercises are put on backburner. Similarly they vow to eliminate terrorism and claim that terrorists cannot demoralize them with such cowardly acts rather these acts strengthen their resolve further to fight terrorism.

MP's Southern Punjab team arranged a Ghaibana Namaza Janaza at Double Phattak, Multan for the young Shuhadaa of Army Public School Peshawar. The namaz was led by MP Multan District President Advocate Javed Iqbal Thaheem: media/set/?set=a. 780023098746490.1073743165. 107930802622393&type=1

Some newspapers in Lahore and Multan carried MP's statements on the tragedies, which can be seen in the links below: Mustaqbil.Pakistan/photos/a. 111557288926411.19763. 107930802622393/ 780105548738245/?type=1& relevant_count=1 Mustaqbil.Pakistan/photos/pcb. 780543698694430/ 780543315361135/?type=1 Mustaqbil.Pakistan/photos/pcb. 780543698694430/ 780543352027798/?type=1 Mustaqbil.Pakistan/photos/pcb. 780543698694430/ 780543362027797/?type=1

Dated 12 Dec 2014

Another busy week in Multan full of meetings with party workers, politicians, and foundations just some of the guests to MP's Multan office.

We start with a large group of party workers that came to visit Mustaqbil Pakistan's Chairman Engr. Nadeem Mumtaz Qureshi. Office bearers also present at the meeting were Senior Vice President Southern Punjab Rana Rafiuddin, Vice President Shahid Rana Advocate, Multan District President Jawed Iqbal Thaim Advocate and Aamir Mumtaz Advocate. Some pictures of the meeting can be seen in the link below: media/set/?set=a. 775123159236484.1073743160. 107930802622393&type=1

The Chairman met with another of Mustaqbil Pakistan's dedicated workers, Mr Tariq Shah from Double Phatak, Multan along with his friends. media/set/?set=a. 773979642684169.1073743158. 107930802622393&type=1

MP Workers from Adda Lar also visited the party office to meet with the Chairman: media/set/?set=a. 774563055959161.1073743159. 107930802622393&type=1

Mr Malik Zulifkar, a politician from PTI along with some friends visited the Chairman and discussed MP policies: media/set/?set=a. 772766212805512.1073743156. 107930802622393&type=1

Miss Sara Ali, research officer of Awaz Foundation, interviewed Mr.Syed Rashid Bukhari, President of Southern Punjab at MP's Multan office. They discussed current political issues and MP political policy: media/set/?set=a. 775807149168085.1073743161. 107930802622393&type=1

We conclude with some newspapers clippings from Multan. Links given below: Mustaqbil.Pakistan/photos/pcb. 775764272505706/ 775763935839073/?type=1 Mustaqbil.Pakistan/photos/pcb. 774623135953153/ 774622805953186/?type=1

Dated 31 Oct 2014

We continue where we left off in Multan from last week, where the Chairman, Nadeem Mymtaz Qureshi was interviewed by the Resident Editor of Roznama Ausaf Multan. Following on from that interview, the Chairman presented a copy of the party Manifesto to the Resident Editor Roznama Pakistan Mr Shaukat during a meeting at the office of the newspaper in Multan. Accompanying the Chairman were Secretary General Moeen Qureshi, President Southern Punjab Rashid Bokhari, Media in-charge Raza Naqvi and there were other persons present at the office during the visit: media/set/?set=a. 749277538487713.1073743095. 107930802622393&type=1

Staying in Multan where the Chairman  visited the office of Mohammad Sajjad Jahania, Director Information Punjab, and also presented a copy of the party Manifesto to him: media/set/?set=a. 749758991772901.1073743096. 107930802622393&type=1

The Chairman also held a meeting with MS Children Hospital Multan, Mr. Shahid Bukhari at his office in the Children Hospital. Other staff members of the Hospital were also present at the meeting: media/set/?set=a. 751435801605220.1073743099. 107930802622393&type=1

Moving from Multan to Jhang now, where Mustaqbil Pakistan's SVP Southern Punjab, Rana Rafi-e-Din and Media In charge, Mr.Raza Hassan distributed ATTA 20kg bags in flood affected areas such as Ahmedpur Sial and Athara Hazari. Other MP workers assisted in the distribution as well: media/set/?set=a. 749874521761348.1073743097. 107930802622393&type=1

Dated 24 Oct 2014

In last weeks update, we posted the Chairman, Nadeem Mumtaz Qureshi's article in Arab News about the changes made to the Constitution of Pakistan since 1973. That same article has been published in Khaleej Times and The Nation. Both links given below: kt-article-display-1.asp? xfile=data%2Fopinion%2F2014% 2FOctober%2Fopinion_October36. xml&section=opinion 19-Oct-2014/mutilating-the- constitution

We're in Multan this week, where the Chairman was interviewed by the Resident Editor of Roznama Ausaf Multan. Some pictures can be seen in the link below: media/set/?set=a. 747567071992093.1073743093. 107930802622393&type=1

Staying in Multan where the Chairman visited a shoe factory in the Androon neighbourhood of Multan: Mustaqbil.Pakistan/photos/a. 260205677394904.61988. 107930802622393/ 745546135527520/?type=1& relevant_count=1

We move to Mandi Bahauddin now, where on 18th October 2014 several people visited the MP office in and met Sher Gondal, MP President Mandi Bahauddin.
They discussed MP's manifesto and after learning the objectives of MP they obtained membership. Prominent among them were Miss Sana Yameen, District Attorney (retired) Khalid Gondal of Mangat and Chief Petty Officer (retired) Muhammad Aslam: media/set/?set=a. 747418188673648.1073743092. 107930802622393&type=1 Mustaqbil.Pakistan/photos/a. 111557288926411.19763. 107930802622393/ 746802948735172/?type=1& relevant_count=1

We conclude with some newspaper clippings from Multan and Lahore. Links given below: Mustaqbil.Pakistan/photos/pcb. 748370745245059/ 748370451911755/?type=1 Mustaqbil.Pakistan/photos/a. 111557288926411.19763. 107930802622393/ 748362415245892/?type=1& relevant_count=1 Mustaqbil.Pakistan/photos/a. 748052778610189.1073743094. 107930802622393/ 748052835276850/?type=1& relevant_count=1 Mustaqbil.Pakistan/photos/a. 748052778610189.1073743094. 107930802622393/ 748052815276852/?type=1& relevant_count=1 Mustaqbil.Pakistan/photos/pcb. 747989185283215/ 747986845283449/?type=1

Dated 17 Oct 2014

We start our weekly coverage from Peshawar where Mustaqbil Pakistan's senior members met at the Peshawar Office. KPK President Prof. Waqar Haider Bukhari presided the meeting and some pictures can be seen in the link below: media/set/?set=a. 742656872483113.1073743090. 107930802622393&type=1

Staying with the Peshawar office where the membership campaign is going strong, as evidenced in the link below: media/set/?set=a. 742466699168797.1073743087. 107930802622393&type=1

We move east from Peshawar to Lahore, where a meeting was arranged to discuss and share MP's role in the current political situation as well as future plans. Ms Unsia Bano, President Punjab Secretariat, Mr Javaid Zafar Qureshi, Deputy President Punjab Secretariat, Mr Moazam Thakur an educationist and journalist and a new member Mr Shahid took part in it and some pictures can be seen in the link below: media/set/?set=a. 743560575726076.1073743091. 107930802622393&type=1

We now move south from Lahore to Multan, where Mustaqbil Pakistan's Youth Wing started work in Multan City. President of Southern Punjab Mr.Syed Rashid Bukhari announced Malik Fayyaz President, Shabir Shah Vice President and Mr. Mian Rashid General Secretary of Multan City: media/set/?set=a. 742509315831202.1073743089. 107930802622393&type=1

We conclude with the Chairman, Nadeem Mumtaz Qureshi's article which was published in Arab News. In the article he talks about the many changes made to the Constitution of Pakistan since 1973 and how these changes have fundamentally altered the character of this important document: columns/news/644856

Dated 29 Aug 2014

With the political crisis engulfing the country and TV channels reporting 24 hour news about political parties singing and dancing late into the night in Islamabad, Mustaqbil Pakistan's Chairman Engineer Nadeem Mumtaz Qureshi continues with his mission of reaching out to the common people in their villages and cities to explain to them that real power is in their hands.. Below is a link to pictures of the MP effort in one such village: Mustaqbil.Pakistan/photos/a. 260205677394904.61988. 107930802622393/ 714631478618986/?type=1

Staying with the Chairman, and the below link is to an article published today in Arab News in which he argues that Israel is not a Jewish state but an apartheid state: columns/news/621466

We move on to Multan now where the Mustaqbil Pakistan Southern Punjab Office installed a new sign board.The MP workers celebrated during the opening ceremony of the new sign board with some pictures seen in the link below: media/set/?set=a. 713874408694693.1073743026. 107930802622393&type=1

Staying in Multan, with the link below that provides a video of the Chairman's speech addressing a gathered crowd: video.php?v=712948265453974

We conclude with some media coverage and articles from Samahni News, Alhataf Urdu, and various newspaper clippings: mumtaz-5/ mumtaz-6/ mumtaz-a/ Mustaqbil.Pakistan/photos/a. 111557288926411.19763. 107930802622393/ 715130755235725/?type=1& relevant_count=1 Mustaqbil.Pakistan/photos/a. 111557288926411.19763. 107930802622393/ 715121195236681/?type=1& relevant_count=1 Mustaqbil.Pakistan/photos/pcb. 715119885236812/ 715119735236827/?type=1

Dated 22 Aug 2014

Mustaqbil Pakistan was invited to attend the All Parties Conference held in Islamabad on 20 August 2014. The conference was being held to discuss the present situation created by PTI and PAT. Mustaqbil Pakistan was represented by our CEC member and President of KPK Prof Waqar Haider Bokhari.

Mustaqbil Pakistan's position on the current situation is clear. We believe that all parties have a basic democratic right to demonstrate and lobby for their demands. But we believe no one has the right to paralyze our capital city and to make unconstitutional and undemocratic threats against the state.

Upon attended the meeting, Prof Bokhari  was given extraordinary respect and a seat at the stage next to the chairman. 22 parties were represented including MQM. Prof Bokhari began his speech with a detailed introduction of the party and its Chairman, Nadeem Mumtaz Qureshi. He then talked about the political and democratic suffocation that has caused the present state of affairs and told the audience that it is always the govt which is the custodian of political culture in the society. He mentioned that it was the govt itself that was responsible to put themselves on the back foot by killing 14 persons just to remove a barrier. He also told them about the big corruptions of these so called democratic governments by giving them the example of the purchase of an electronic score board and now the Helicams for five hundred thousand dollars a piece according to news reports.

Prof Bokhari's speech was most highly lauded and people insisted on him to continue but he preferred to stop. Prof Bokhari intimated that there were people with an agenda to please the government and even the chairman wanted to counter him but did not find the atmosphere suitable for it.

A picture of the conference can be seen below, with Prof Bokhari visible in the blue shirt next to the speaking Chairman: Mustaqbil.Pakistan/photos/a. 111557288926411.19763. 107930802622393/ 712524072163060/?type=1& relevant_count=1

We move to Multan now where Mustaqbil Pakistan President of Southern Punjab Syed Rashid Bukhari, VP Mr.Rana Rafi-e-Din and Media Incharge Raza Hussain met with MS Children hospital Dr. Syed Shahid Mahmood Bukhari. During the meeting several different topics regarding MP's health policy were discussed with some pictures of the meeting can be seen in the link below: media/set/?set=a. 712795535469247.1073743025. 107930802622393&type=1

We conclude with some media coverage including articles from Samahninews, as well as newspaper cuttings from Multan. Links given below: mumtaz-4/ qurashi/ Mustaqbil.Pakistan/photos/pcb. 712872308794903/ 712871835461617/?type=1 Mustaqbil.Pakistan/photos/pcb. 711926618889472/ 711926378889496/?type=1

Dated 15 Aug 2014

Everyone at Mustaqbil Pakistan would like to wish the entire nation a very happy Independence day. As part of our celebrations, Mustaqbil Pakistan Southern Punjab celebrated with Children's Hospital Multan Thalassemia kids. The MP Southern Punjab team distributed gifts in the Thalassemia wards and some pictures can be seen in the link below: media/set/?set=a. 709214935827307.1073743015. 107930802622393&type=1

The celebrations continued at the Southern Punjab office in Multan with cake distributed to children and party workers: media/set/?set=a. 709273112488156.1073743016. 107930802622393&type=1

The celebrations don't end there with posters and an official song to mark the historic day. The song was sung by the artist, Wasoo, and can be heard in the link below: photo.php?v=709643099117824

A poster made to mark Independence day can be seen here: Mustaqbil.Pakistan/photos/a. 111557288926411.19763. 107930802622393/ 708881522527315/?type=1& relevant_count=1

We will conclude with some media coverage. Links can be found below: Mustaqbil.Pakistan/photos/a. 111557288926411.19763. 107930802622393/ 709704249111709/?type=1& relevant_count=1 Mustaqbil.Pakistan/photos/a. 111557288926411.19763. 107930802622393/ 709703625778438/?type=1& relevant_count=1 Mustaqbil.Pakistan/photos/a. 111557288926411.19763. 107930802622393/ 709702159111918/?type=1& relevant_count=1

Dated 18 Jul 2014

We begin our weekly coverage in Peshawar, where Mustaqbil Pakistan Senior Vice President KPK Roshan Khattak held a protest against the incessant load shedding in the city. Placards were made and held outside the press club and some pictures can be seen in the links given below: photo.php?fbid= 694116874003780&set=pcb. 694117737337027&type=1 media/set/?set=a. 694286827320118.1073742989. 107930802622393&type=1

We move on to some press coverage, with the Chairman, Nadeem Mumtaz Qureshi's article on Israeli attacks on Gaza in Palestine was carried in 'The Frontier Post' as well as in Khaleej Times. Both links can be seen below: article/185132// kt-article-display-1.asp? xfile=data%2Fopinion%2F2014% 2FJuly%2Fopinion_July21.xml& section=opinion

The Chairman penned another article on the MP blog titled "The difference between Pakistan's Generals and Politicians" and can be read by following the link below:

http://mustaqbilpk.blogspot. com/2014/07/the-difference- between-pakistans.html

We will conclude with the wonderful news that Atif Rashid, from Karak, has announced joining Mustaqbil Pakistan. He wish is to lead the youth of karak distt. We at Mustaqbil Pakistan welcome him on board and would also like to congratulate Roshan Khattak, Mustaqbil Pakistan Senior Vice President KPK in his continued efforts in spreading the party message. photo.php?fbid= 694839477264853&set=a. 111557288926411.19763. 107930802622393&type=1& relevant_count=1

Dated 4 Jul 2014

We're continuing with our coverage in Bahawalpur this week where the Chairman, Engr. Nadeem Mumtaz Qureshi, held a meeting with Muhammad Nashir Joyia, a member of the Punjab bar council at local hotel in Bahawalpur. Mustaqbil Pakistan President Southern Punjab Rashi Bokhari and General Secretary Yazman Advocate Rana Atta were also present at the meeting and some pictures can be seen in the link below: media/set/?set=a. 686494734765994.1073742976. 107930802622393&type=1

On to Mandi Yazman now, where the Chairman visited the office of Allama Ah Naqshbandi. Some pictures of their meeting can be seen in the link below: media/set/?set=a. 687487928000008.1073742978. 107930802622393&type=1

From Mandi Yazman, to Mandi Bahauddin where MP District President Sher Gondal visited a cycle repair shop and a general store. He invited the shop owners and customers present there to join MP. He introduced the party and its objectives and vision for the future. Shop keepers and customers were impressed by the new party and its mission and assured their cooperation in promoting the party and wished it success. Earlier some persons from the rural areas visited MP's office in District Complex and inquired about the party and its mission. They were presented the open letter from MP Chairman and told verbally the objectives of the party: media/set/?set=a. 686994334716034.1073742977. 107930802622393&type=1

We're in Multan next where the President of Southern Punjab, Mr.Rashid Bukhari, visited Laeeque Rafiq Hospital. The Mission of the hospital is to provide the deserving people of the area free of cost emergency treatment which they need desperately. Mr Bukhari also met with in charge of the hospital, Dr.Syed Ali Azmat Abid(M.B.B.S,M.D,M.S(USA). Some pictures can be in the below link: Mustaqbil.Pakistan/posts/ 687291544686313

Will conclude with some press coverage involving the Chairman. First up is an article by the Chairman on Solar Energy, published by Arab News: photo.php?fbid= 686364361445698&set=a. 111557288926411.19763. 107930802622393&type=1& relevant_count=1

Next up, from the Multan press, is an article published in the weekly Jheel Magazine in which the Chairman calls for those who have served 14 years or more of jail time to be released as free men and women and that the time they have spent in jail be deemed as completion of their punishment: photo.php?fbid= 685718421510292&set=a. 111557288926411.19763. 107930802622393&type=1& relevant_count=1

Dated 20 Jun 2014

We're in Bahawalpur this week where the Chairman, Engr. Nadeem Mumtaz Qureshi, held a meeting with the press of Mandi Yazman at Mustaqbil Pakistan Tehsil Office in Mandi Yazman Distt Bahawalpur. Some pictures of that meeting can be seen in the link below: media/set/?set=a. 683889021693232.1073742969. 107930802622393&type=1

Staying in Bahawalpur, the Chairman was received warmly when he arrived for a corner meeting at 10 Chak in Tehsil Mandi Yazman, Bahawalpur District.
Accompanying him was MP President Southern Punjab Rashid Bokhari, Mandi Yazman Tehsil President Haji Mohammad Alam and Media Incharge Raza Naqvi. Pictures can be seen in the link below: media/set/?set=a. 683358768412924.1073742967. 107930802622393&type=1

We conclude our coverage of Bahawalpur with the Chairman addressing a corner Meeting at 42 Chak, Tehsil Mandi Yazman, Distt Bahawalpur. This corner meeting was one of the many meetings held in MP's 2 day visit tour of Mandi Yazman. Pictures of the corner meeting can be seen in the link below: media/set/?set=a. 682853545130113.1073742964. 107930802622393&type=1

Moving on to some press coverage now, starting with the Chairman's advise to Tahir ul Qadri which was published in the English Newspaper 'The Observer': detailnews.asp?id=245455

Next is the Chairman's column published in 'Roznama Pakistan': photo.php?fbid= 683582468390554&set=a. 111557288926411.19763. 107930802622393&type=1& relevant_count=1

And lastly, the English Daily 'The Nation' carries a statement by Mustaqbil Pakistan District Mandi Bahauddin President Advocate Maj(R) Sher Gondal: national/25-Jun-2014/ politicians-rulers-playing- power-game-at-cost-of-public

We would like to conclude with a musical review in pictures of MP activity during the last year . Please enjoy: photo.php?v=683043181777816

Dated 30 May 2014

There will be 2 main features that we focus on from this past week. The first is activity in Mandi Bahauddin and the second is press and media coverage from across the country which has seen a real explosion.

Starting with Mandi Bahauddin, on Wednesday a renowned poet of our country and author of five poetry books Jamil Naz visited Mustaqbil Pakistan District Office in Mandi Bahauddin and discussed national issues and the declining performance of national institutions including district level government departments.

Mahar Gulzar, Advocate resident of Kotli Afghanan, a village situated on left bank of River Jhelum near Rasul Barrage also visited the MP office and took copies of the open letter of Party Chairman and party manifesto to introduce the party in his village.

Sher Gondal, President Mandi Bahauddin, visited Babu-ji Electronics whole sale center and met its owner Shahzad Ahmed. He read the open letter and visited party website on internet. He liked the party and assured his support.

Pictures and more details can be found in the link below: media/set/?set=a. 668503676565100.1073742901. 107930802622393&type=1

Staying in Mandi Bahauddin, people of the area visited the district office in Mandi Bahauddin and met with Sher Gondal. He presented the visitors with the open letter of the Chairman and the party Manifesto to the visitors. He also verbally explained the objective of the party: media/set/?set=a. 668641046551363.1073742903. 107930802622393&type=1

Moving on to to news coverage now, and the BBC Urdu website carried MP's Chairman Nadeem Mumtaz Qureshi's statement regarding the Prime Minister's tour:

There's been news coverage in the Sindhi press, as well as the Hyderabad based 'Ummat' carrying MP's press release. Respective links can be found below: media/set/?set=a. 668172623264872.1073742899. 107930802622393&type=1 photo.php?fbid= 668191209929680&set=a. 111557288926411.19763. 107930802622393&type=1& relevant_count=1

Next up is the English newspaper Lahore based 'The Nation' carrying MP Chairman's statement regarding inflation: photo.php?fbid= 666930116722456&set=a. 111557288926411.19763. 107930802622393&type=1& relevant_count=1

And finally, some press coverage from Multan and Peshawar: photo.php?fbid= 668045763277558&set=a. 668045459944255.1073742898. 107930802622393&type=1& relevant_count=1 photo.php?fbid= 667436980005103&set=a. 111557288926411.19763. 107930802622393&type=1& relevant_count=1 photo.php?fbid= 668052383276896&set=a. 111557288926411.19763. 107930802622393&type=1& relevant_count=1

Dated 23 May 2014

Mustaqbil Pakistan have had a busy week in Multan, Karak, and across the media. We start in Multan with the Chairman, Eng. Nadeem Mumtaz Qureshi who was a chief guest at a Seminar by PATTAN which was held at the Raza Hall in Multan. The topic of the seminar was local body elections at the earliest. PATTAN is holding such seminars in different cities and is urging the Government to hold early local body elections. Some pictures of the seminar can be seen in the link below: media/set/?set=a. 663893303692804.1073742878. 107930802622393&type=1

Staying in Multan, and the Chairman visited the Punjab Small Industries Corporation. He was briefed by their Chairman about their working and how they strive to help small entrepreneurs: media/set/?set=a. 663305973751537.1073742877. 107930802622393&type=1

Moving on to KPK now, and  MP's Senior Vice President of KPK Mr Roshan khattak donated his personal land for the construction of a kacha road leading to his co-villagers in Deli Mela, Karak, KPK. This road has been constructed after the MP Committee in Karak visited the concerned authorities and informed them of the difficulties being faced by the co-villagers in getting to their homes. A picture of the road can be seen in the link below: photo.php?fbid= 665018600246941&set=a. 665018546913613.1073742891. 107930802622393&type=1& relevant_count=1

We conclude with a plethora of media coverage from Multan over the past week. Link to newspaper cuttings can be found below: media/set/?set=a. 663915090357292.1073742881. 107930802622393&type=1 media/set/?set=a. 664281936987274.1073742882. 107930802622393&type=1 media/set/?set=a. 664852650263536.1073742890. 107930802622393&type=1

Dated 2 May 2014

It has been a week of interviews and TV programs for Mustaqbil Pakistan's leaders all across the country.

Starting with the Chairman, Nadeem mumtaz Qureshi, who was on a live program by Waseeb TV. The program was called Sohna Pakistan and the anchor was the famous Saraiki writer Aamir Shahzad Siddiqui: media/set/?set=a. 653961928019275.1073742840. 107930802622393&type=1 photo.php?fbid= 653483708067097&set=a. 260205677394904.61988. 107930802622393&type=1

The Chairman was also on the live 'Hum Awam' program of Mast FM 103 last week. The program is hosted by Bahar Hussain. Pictures of the program can be found in this link: media/set/?set=a. 652968298118638.1073742837. 107930802622393&type=1

And audio of the program is at this link: mustaqbilpakistan/chairman-on- hum-awam

Moving on and the President of Mustaqbil Pakistan in District Mandi Bahauddin was interviewed last night on AWAM FM 94 Mandi Bahauddin: photo.php?fbid= 652985848116883&set=a. 111557288926411.19763. 107930802622393&type=1& relevant_count=1

To conclude, the below link is a video of Mustaqbil's Chairman explaining why political change will entail a change in mindset of the country's professional, business and educated class: photo.php?v=10150208186052920

Dated 25 Apr 2014

It has been a busy week across the country for MP with activity abound. The Chairman, Nadeem Mumtaz Qureshi, was on a live program by Waseeb TV in Swat. The name of the program was Zaban-e-Khalq by Waseeb TV and the host of the program was Tariq Qureshi: media/set/?set=a. 649038351844966.1073742830. 107930802622393&type=1 photo.php?fbid= 649038508511617&set=a. 649038351844966.1073742830. 107930802622393&type=1& relevant_count=1

On to Jhang now, where the Chairman distributed cash donations to 20 families at the Mustaqbil Pakistan Office in Tehsil Athara Hazari, District Jhang: media/set/?set=a. 648710081877793.1073742828. 107930802622393&type=1

During MP's tour of Tehsil Ahmadpur Sial the Chairman visited various villages in the Tehsil. One such visit was Abbas Pura UC 121 where he met with the villagers and addressed the gathering: media/set/?set=a. 647113225370812.1073742823. 107930802622393&type=1

Samahini News carried a couple of stories about the Chairman's statement in regard to economic policy as well as his statement about the Quaid and Allama Iqbal's efforts to achieve Pakistan. Both articles can be found below: q23042014/ nadeem2104/

And finally, the Chairman was interviewed by Bahar Hussain on his weekly program 'Hum Awam' on 16 April 2014. The program is broadcast live on all FM 103 stations in Pakistan. The program covered current affairs, Mustaqbil Pakistan's vision and the Chairman's personal mission to change the way politics works in Pakistan: mustaqbilpakistan/chairman-on- hum-awam


Dated 18th Apr 2014

Mustaqbil Pakistan held a Communal Wedding in Garhmore on the 6th of April 2014. Garhmore is a remote village in the Tehsil of Ahmadpur Sial, District Jhang. Members & Workers of Mustaqbil Pakistan were present at the Communal Wedding Ceremony in Garhmore. They undertook to arrange the entire wedding from the purchase of the Dowry, arrangement of security, maintain discipline in distribution and control of the meals being provided at the ceremony.

Below are a few links to pictures of the event, including the Chairman Eng. Nadeem Mumtaz Qureshi meeting the guests: media/set/?set=a. 645481032200698.1073742817. 107930802622393&type=1 media/set/?set=a. 645308768884591.1073742816. 107930802622393&type=1

MP's senior leader in District Jhang, Mr Salim Qadri, who is widely recognized as a powerful orator in the area, spoke at the wedding. A video of his speech can be seen in the link below: photo.php?v=645213395560795

After the addresses of other Party members, the Chairman addressed the guests as seen in the link below. The Communal wedding consisted of 20 couples and the entire event was arranged by the Chairman: media/set/?set=a. 644978782250923.1073742814. 107930802622393&type=1

There has been plenty of press coverage of MP from all across the country. Mandi Bahauddin newspaper carried a story of the launch of Mustaqbil Pakistan membership campaign in the district. A cutting of the paper can be seen in the link below: photo.php?fbid= 644205952328206&set=a. 111557288926411.19763. 107930802622393&type=1& relevant_count=1

Further news coverage from Multan and Peshawar can also be seen in the links below: media/set/?set=a. 644323322316469.1073742809. 107930802622393&type=1 media/set/?set=a. 644834302265371.1073742811. 107930802622393&type=1 photo.php?fbid= 644836342265167&set=a. 111557288926411.19763. 107930802622393&type=1& relevant_count=1