Yearly Updates

Jan 6, 2018

A Happy new year to all our countrymen from all across the globe. May 2018 be a blissful and profitable year to all.

Our report starts in Multan this new year where Mustaqbil Pakistan's President of District Multan Mr. Rana Rafiuddin arranged a corner meeting at Vehari Chowk NA.150. Mr. Rafiuddin introduced the personality of MP's chairman Engr Nadeem Mumtaz Qureshi as well as the party policy.

Some pictures from the corner meeting can be seen here: MustaqbilPakistan/posts/ 1641851525896972

Staying in Multan where Mustaqbil Pakistan's seniors started MP introduction muhim at Auto Market Multan. Mr. Taji (President sports), Dr. Manzoor Ahmad (G.Sec Dist.Multan) and Haji Sadiq distributed MP hand bills, stickers and party manifesto to the local public: MustaqbilPakistan/posts/ 1640831925998932

Some news coverage now, with links given below: MustaqbilPakistan/posts/ 1641308769284581 MustaqbilPakistan/posts/ 1640704782678313 MustaqbilPakistan/posts/ 1643100255772099

After years of campaigning and working hard to improve the lives of the countries citizens, Mustaqbil Pakistan is now reaching out to our proud patriots for their help.  Mustaqbil Pakistan has started its online campaign to generate funds. Please support us for a better Pakistan.

You can simply donate by visiting the website below and donating however much possible. Your help allows us to continue on our journey. fundraising/mustaqbil-pakistan