Held to highest standards of ethical conduct:

· To be professionals and exemplary citizens
· To be role models for ordinary citizens
· Will have no special privileges:
· No use of ‘VIP’ facilities
· No use of special number plates
· Required to deal with citizens in a elf effacing and modest manner
Elected Representatives

Mustaqbil’s candidates for elected office will be held to the highest standards of ethical conduct. They will be educated professionals – doctors, lawyers, engineers, architects, teachers, scholars, social workers. We will select them not because they are rich, or because they wield influence or power, but because they have a track record of honesty, selflessness, professionalism and dedication to their communities and the nation. .

And once elected, we will hold them to a still higher standard. Theirs will not be a victory that will be rewarded by the spoils of a cabinet position and the regalia of high office. Instead they will win the privilege to serve the people of their constituencies and the nation. They will undertake the hard, meticulous work of developing, debating and enacting a host of new legislation in fulfilment of Mustaqbil’s vision of the future.

They will set the standard for ordinary citizens to admire and emulate. The practices that characterize elected representatives today will not be tolerated: Gone will be the days of special number plates on cars and blackened windows, gone will be wanton disregard for the law of the land, and ‘special’ unwarranted privileges.

The Cabinet

In a Mustaqbil government cabinet positions will be held to a bare minimum. Selection to the cabinet will be based exclusively on merit. No political consideration will enter into the decision. The nation deserves, and Mustaqbil will demand, that only the best, most competent people occupy positions of public service ..