Sweeping reform of concept of ‘Civil Service’ · Civil Servants to serve and assist public · Public to be treated with extreme courtesy, dignity and respect.

Mustaqbil will undertake a sweeping reform of Government. The very concept of governance – as it has come to be understood in Pakistan – will be redefined .

The general public has come to view the Government as an obstruction, a tool to oppress, harass, and otherwise make their lives difficult. It has become a sceptre, in the hands of a few, whose exclusive interest is to enrich themselves at any cost – and the public be damned.

No more. Civil servants will be just that: Servants of the public. Public visitors to government offices will be treated with respect and given complete cooperation.

The raison d’être of government – at all levels – will be to serve the needs of the public swiftly, efficiently, and with courtesy and respect.