All Governors and Chief Ministers to be removed from colonial residences All such buildings and grounds to be converted to public use – libraries, parks etc.

High priority to preserving architectural heritage of the nation

Mustaqbil will regard as a high priority the preservation and maintenance of historic public buildings.

Official Residences

As a first step all historic residences of Provincial Governors and Chief Ministers will no longer be used for this purpose. It is inappropriate, perhaps even outrageous, that colonial mansions used by the representatives of an occupying power should continue to serve the same function in a democratic milieu.

All Governors and Chief Ministers will be moved to more modest accommodation in line with what behoves the leaders of a poor country. .

The historic mansions vacated will be converted to public buildings – libraries, museums, cultural centres and the like. The ample grounds in which these buildings are located will be converted to public parks.

Buildings used as residences by the President and Prime Minister will be subject to a similar review. And to the extent that alternative accommodation can be found without significant new outlays, these residences shall also be vacated and put to more appropriate use.

Heritage Sites

A high priority will be given to preserve the architectural heritage of the country. Building permissions or modifications in sensitive or historic areas will be strictly subject to the approval of Architects associations at a National and Provincial level. Other stake holders will be invited to voice their concerns, reservations and comments. Building codes will be strictly enforced to interdict construction where such permissions have not been explicitly granted.

Mustaqbil is not arguing for government control of content or information. But what we are saying is that broadcasters must exercise judgment and common sense. In the race for ratings and advertising revenues this may not be easy but, in the interest of preserving harmony in a multi cultural society, it has to be done. In order to encourage balanced and thoughtful media programming a Mustaqbil government will set up a ‘Media Committee’ which will include all stake holders. This will include representatives from the media industry, from civil society, religious leaders from different religions and schools of thought. The committee will be chaired by a Member of Parliament appointed by the Prime Minister. Its mandate will be to draw up media broadcast standards. Such standards will be subject to a majority vote in the committee and will come into effect only when approved by the Prime Minister. Mustaqbil sees no role for a “Ministry of Information” in this age of instant communication. We will abolish this ministry and transfer essential functions to other relevant federal agencies. ..