High importance to sport and physical fitness
· Special focus on children
· Build playgrounds and sports facilities for all of Pakistan’s children
· Launch a national program to recruit and train young adults to be coaches, and trainers for the nation’s children
· Build parks and walkways for adults and the elderly
· Launch media campaign to emphasize importance of exercise to health and mental well being

Given the huge challenges Pakistan faces today on multiple fronts, sport may seem like a trivial matter. But it is not. Sport – in some form or the other – is essential to the physical and mental well being of all our people. When played successfully by national teams it can be a source of national pride and a unifying force for all Pakistanis.

Mustaqbil will attach a high priority to sport. Our focus will not so much be on putting together a few good national teams, but rather, on getting the whole nation, young and old involved.

People of all ages must be encouraged, but the young deserve special attention. They are flexible, they are growing, they learn quickly and they are our hope for the future. Their minds and bodies need to be challenged and pushed.
It is a sad commentary on our commitment to the young that the vast majority of Pakistan’s children do not have access to even the most basic of facilities. They play bare foot on rough ground or on the roads. They are exposed to danger and injury from the terrain and from traffic. They lack even basic protective equipment, guidance and training.

Mustaqbil finds all of this unacceptable. We will launch a unified national program whose objectives will be as follows:
· Build playgrounds and sports facilities in all localities – with priority for the poorest.
· Provide gear and protective equipment at subsidized prices
· Recruit and train young people to become sports trainers, coaches and guides and then deploy them countrywide.

For older people we will also launch programs to build facilities such as parks and walking tracks. And indeed, we will make it a condition of all urban planning to include parks, play spaces and walking tracks in all new urban areas.
Also for the elderly we will launch media campaigns to emphasize the importance of regular exercise to their overall health. This will have the added advantage of cutting down on health care costs.
Our sports strategy is not to produce a few champions but to get the whole nation participating regularly in sports and other physical activity. We firmly believe that if we give all of Pakistan’s children playing grounds, training and equipment there will emerge an ample supply of champions. These are people who would play at a national and international level and compete with the best the world has to offer.