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Our transport policy will involve encouraging and developing the most practical, appropriate and efficient means of transporting people and freight.

Intra city

• Focus on mass transit
• Develop ground and overhead rail systems
• Promote tram and bus networks
• Discourage cars
Cities are characterized by high population densities and in general a low level of income. It is not practical or possible for everyone to own a car. Hence Mustaqbil’s policy will rely on developing mass transit systems in all major cities. This will be a combination of conventional rail, overhead rail, trams and buses. Trains would operate on high density corridors. Trams and buses would then branch out of these corridors to transport people to their final destinations. .

Such systems would primarily be for people movement. Freight movement within cities would still have to rely mainly on trucks. And for this purpose we would ensure that roads are built to the proper standards. Trucks operating on public roads would have to comply with maximum axle load limits to prevent damage to the roads.

Inter city

• Develop intercity rail systems
• Develop supporting industry to manufacture locomotives and carriages
• Build and improve farm to market roads
Given the low income levels of most of our citizens the only sensible system that can provide transport to the vast majority of our public at a reasonable price is rail. To this end Mustaqbil vows to upgrade, develop and expand our rail networks and systems to cover all major cities. We intend to make rail the primary transport system between cities for both people and freight. The objective will be to provide fast, convenient and frequent services between most urban centres.

Our focus on the road networks will mainly be on ‘farm to market’ or ‘farm to rail’ roads. These will be upgraded and built wherever traffic densities do not justify a rail link. Such roads are critical to our primarily agricultural economy since produce must be moved quickly in order to minimize loss and wastage. ..