· Restricted to organizations and industries
· Not allowed to be involved in politics
· Cannot be aligned with any political party

Mustaqbil recognizes the right of workers to form democratically elected unions for the purpose of protecting their rights within the context of the organizations or industries in which they work.
The primary purpose of unions will be negotiate fair and proportionate compensation, health care, retirement benefits and salutary working conditions with their employers. We do not believe that trade unions have a role to play in national or provincial politics.

To this end, unions will not be allowed, in their electoral platforms to:

· Align themselves with any political party.
· Use symbols, flags, or any other distinguishing features of any political party in their election campaigns.
· Use pictures of any political leaders of any political party in display and promotional material for their campaigns.
· Coerce or pressure members in any way to vote for one political party or the other۔

Union leaders will be allowed, in accordance with the freedom of expression provisions of the constitution of Pakistan, to endorse and recommend to their members any party or candidates for elected office.

Student Unions

· Permitted only in universities
· Not allowed to be involved in politics
· Cannot be aligned with any political parties

Mustaqbil strongly believes that students – of all ages – have no business in politics. Their primary focus is, and must be; to acquire knowledge and learn the skills and discipline they will need in their lives to become exemplary citizens.

Hence we will not permit any ‘student union’ – in the way the term is currently understood – in any educational institution in Pakistan.

At universities – and only at universities – we will allow the student body to elect a ‘student council’ which will be responsible for bringing the concerns, comments, recommendations etc of students to the attention of the university administration. They will also be responsible for organizing, cultural, social, sports events etc for the benefit of the student community. These ‘student councils’ will operate only within the campus. No links whatsoever will be allowed between these councils and any political parties.